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I've never been one to use this space to plug any special thing but Danna and I saw a movie this weekend that I want everyone who reads this to go see. The movie was called "Facing The Giants" and it is playing in most major theatres (including the one in Mansfield).  I had never heard of it either. But let me give you a little background. There is a church in Albany, Georgia called Sherwood Baptist Church. The Pastor there is named Michael Catt and he has a vision of "impacting the world from
Albany,Georgia". There were two others on Pastor Catt's staff that caught this vision as well and they just happened to be two brothers who had always dreamed of being filmmakers. Alex and Stephen Kendrick believe, and are supported by their Pastor, that movies can be a very effective tool in reaching the world for
Christ. So they began to write a script and with some fundraising and support from local businessmen, "Facing the Giants" became a reality. Alex Kendrick plays the role of Grant Taylor, the head coach of a local high school football team who turns around his team, his school, and his family with the idea of putting Christ first because "Nothing is impossible with God." I have never run such a gamut of emotions through a movie as I did this one. I
have also never been convicted or challenged after going and seeing a movie on "date night".But you won't understand what I am talking about until you go see it. And please do. You will be blessed. I'd tell you more but then that would spoil things, wouldn't it?

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